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XBANKING (XB) is a first DeFi dividend token. XB token — like stocks, but better!

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We have created for the entire WEB3 DeFi community a dividend token — XBANKING (XB), which will provide you with additional profits, in addition to the growth of the token price on CEX and DEX exchanges.

Thus, XBANKIGN (XB) token on the background of the constantly growing large DeFi project XBANKING, may become one of the most attractive tokens for holding and trading.

XBANKING is a large non-custodial staking, restaking and liquid pools provider. Earning from the commissions of our DeFi platform, we decided to distribute part of the profits to our community — XB token holders.

The XB dividend token pays percents of the XBANKING platform profits to token holders. Payouts will be made distributed proportionately to XB holders.

What are the benefits to XB token holders?

— Great potential for an increase in the price of the XB token

— Free Airdrops, Rewards, NFTs and Bonuses — dividends.

— Payments within the XBANKING ecosystem

— Giveaways from our partners occur monthly

— High yields from staking. 16% APR

— Voting and platform management

— Early access to new XBANKING products

A portion of XBANKING’s profits is paid out to XB token holders in the form of airdrops.

What do I need to get dividends from owning XB tokens?

You need to meet these conditions:

  1. You must be an XB token holder. Buy XB tokens on Raydium DEX.
  2. XB tokens must be placed in a liquid pool XBANKING.

XB tokens must be in the XBANKING liquidity pool at all times for at least 30 days.

How much can I earn as an XB token holder?

We will distribute a portion of the profits to all holders based on the number of XB tokens you own. In proportions that depend on the number of XB tokens in relation to the total circulating supply of tokens. Subject to the conditions stated above. The size of the rewards will change as the project develops and grows.

XBANKING (XB) token — like stocks, but better!

The concept of dividend-yielding assets was borrowed from the stock market, where investors receive dividends from certain shares they own. In the world of capital markets, it is not impossible for an investor to recoup all of their original investments as a return from dividends, all the while still owning their XB tokens. This is despite the relatively modest returns from stocks compared to the potential of the cryptocurrency markets.

When reinvested, passive income can yield even higher returns and, subsequently, bring larger passive income in the future. In the meantime, holders may still profit from a possible value appreciation of their token.

Let’s not ignore the power of compounding — reinvesting dividends, combined with value appreciation, is like passive income on steroids. It has the potential to return the original investment multiple times over a few years.

In a world of negative interest rates, investing in the right dividend token may prove to be a game-changer.


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