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XBANKING (XB) is the most undervalued token!?

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Careful❗️this is gonna change your life.

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In this article, we will detail the unique ways in which the XB token can be used in the XBANKING ecosystem.

By creating the XB token, we have developed a unique economic usage model for it, which will positively impact the growth of the token’s value and provide a large number of opportunities for its use.

We fully believe that XBANKING (XB) token is the most useful token in the whole WEB3 ecosystem of other projects. The number of ways to use it and get passive income from its hold will become more and more.

In this article:

— XBANKING services

— XBANKING (XB) Ecosystem

— Restaking

— Benefits for XB token holders. HOLD & Earn

— Airdrops every day

— Use of the XB token on the XBANKING projects ecosystem

— Unique Tokenomics

— Trade XB. Links

XBANKING services — Staking, Pools, Restaking

XBANKING is a non-custodial platform lets you effortlessly stake on 140+ tokens.

XBANKING is the largest staking, restaking and liquid pools platform, in terms of the number of tokens, networks and web3 wallets supported.

Forget about the risks of centralized staking — work with a large and responsible provider and get steady rewards.

Attractive returns, profitable staking APR and complete safety — that’s what we offer.

xbanking staking pools

Place the most popular blockchain tokens and infrmastructure projects into staking.

xbanking luquid pools

XBANKING liquid pools offer one of the highest APR for the most popular tokens. Just connect your wallet and get passive income from your assets.

xbanking restaking

Restaking is an innovative technology to re-stake your assets such as ETH, SOL, TON. Get double income from your tokens.

XBANKING (XB) Ecosystem

This is technically what the XBANKING (XB) ecosystem looks like. The largest ecosystem among all DeFi projects in the world.

Great XBANKING (XB) ecosystem

We decided to tell you briefly, so that you could at least roughly imagine.

XBANKING supports 35+ blockchains, 140+ tokens, 74 WEB3 wallets. 😱

Every day in real time we track millions of transactions in various networks.

We aggregate over 7800+ validators across dozens of blockchains.

TVL totals over $1,000,000,000+.

Uptime of the entire infrastructure is 999%.

This is all served by 34 state-of-the-art servers.

Our support service is available on the website and in Telegram 24 hours a day, without breaks and weekends.


Restaking is a concept first introduced by the XBANKING project — this is the first project to develop this idea and produce products related to it. The idea of ​​Restaking is to re-stake liquid staked tokens to provide security and make it possible for stakers (users) to receive rewards.

We offer the most favorable restaking terms on the market. Read the comparison between XBANKING and EigenLayer.

comparison of xbanking and eigenlayer

Restaking is a new concept in the world of cryptocurrency security that enables you to use your Ethereum (ETH), The Open Network (TON), Solana (SOL) and others more than once at the consensus layer. For instance, if you’re staking your Ethereum directly or using a liquid staking token (LST), you can opt to use a service like XBANKING to earn additional rewards on your stake. up to 8% APR.

Benefits for XB token holders. HOLD & Earn

Benefits for XBANKING (XB) token holders

Holders of XB tokens get a huge opportunity to utilize these tokens and earn valuable rewards. Here are just some of the ways in which the XB token can be used:

— Great upside potential for the token’s price.

— Free tokens and NFTs, Airdrops, Rewards, Bonuses.

— Payments within the XBANKING ecosystem.

— Airdrop giveaways from our partners are made daily.

—High yields from staking XB tokens.

— Voting and platform management.

— Early access to new XBANKING products.

We are constantly creating new products and services for which you will need XB tokens to participate and earn additional rewards.

Airdrops every day

Every day, XBANKING holds token and bonus airdrops for XB holders and users of XBANKING services.

massive solana airdrop

All you need to get valuable rewards in the form of tokens of various projects, which you can immediately sell, is to be a holder of XB tokens or use the services of the platform.

In the photo above you can see one of the promotions conducted by XBANKING. These tokens were distributed free of charge to service users or XB token holders. The total amount of tokens distributed amounted to more than $72,000.

XBANKING Premium (soon) is a paid subscription to reward distribution for XB token holders. With it you can get free tokens of significant WEB3 projects. Subscriptions are issued using XB tokens.

Buy and hold XB tokens to get airdrops.

Use of the XB token on the XBANKING projects ecosystem

Use of the XBANKING (XB) token on the project ecosystem

Explore the possibilities of using XB token in the XBANKING ecosystem. These opportunities are getting bigger all the time and the XB token is a key part of the entire ecosystem.

What’s next?

We are creating several new DeFi services on the platform, as well as launching our own cryptocurrency wallet that will change the world of DeFi and digital asset storage. Everything is just beginning.

The XB token will be used throughout.

Unique Tokenomics

Total Supply: 10,500,000 XB

Smart contract: 2uAuGwYH22SJJtaTqMJ2AGEL2rBdiRKkuak2QCCSaFCA

🔍 View in explorer


Investors: 15% — 1,575,000 XB.

Tokens allocated for XBANKING investors. These tokens are subject to a lock-up schedule. Lock-up: 31 Dec 2025.

DEX/CEX iquidity: 30% — 3,150,000 XB

Liquidity dedicated to trading on decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Staking rewards: 15% — 1,575,000 XB

Staking rewards for XB token holders.

DAO reserves: 30% — 3,150,000 XB. Lock-up: 9 Jun 2025.

Tokens earmarked for grants, security check rewards, and other initiatives aimed at growing the XBANKING ecosystem.

Community: 5% — 525,000 XB.

Rewards for XBANKING Community Development.

Team: 15% — 1,575,000 XB. lock-up: 9 Jun 2025.


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