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XBANKING is the safest DeFi platform!

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We have created the safest DeFi platform to place tokens into staking, re-staking and liquid pools.

In this article we will talk about our innovative developments DeFi protocol XBANKING.

Visualisation of token placement infrastructure for platform users

interactive version

Visual version:

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How does it work? Step-by-step


When a user connects to the https://app.xbanking platform interface, there is no connection to the protocol management servers.

When signing a transaction, the user creates an encrypted data block on the platform containing all the necessary information, from the wallet address, token, amount, to the formation of a unique password and other data.

This completes the user’s actions and sends the transaction “as a normal token transfer. This transaction is the safest, as it has no conditions for execution and is processed quickly on the blockchain.

STEP 2 — STEP 3 — STEP 4:

The fully assembled encrypted data packet is sent to the XBANKING CORE servers isolated from the world without the user.

All instructions for assembling a smart contract are encrypted and sent to the blockchain. They contain all the instructions necessary for the user to manage their assets in the pool using an interface agreed with XBANKING CORE.


The smart contract is fully initialised by the user, on-demand in the Dashboard and isolated from external attacks by the XBANKING CORE ecosystem.

Next, the encrypted block initialises the XBANKING CORE smart contract call and the assets are received for unlocking and sending to the user.

No one has access to the assets, as they cannot be withdrawn from the pool, without the participation of the user, whose wallet metadata (and not only) contains a certain algorithm that forms the decryption and launch of data inside the smart contract.

Unlocking of the tokens takes place and then the user receives the tokens.

How does it affect my safety?

— Executing a smart contract outside the platform interface precludes even a theoretical hacking of a smart contract.

— No one has access to the assets.

—The XBANKING team can help to perform various asset management activities, but they cannot receive them. This is in addition to the ability to recover assets in case of any problems.


This article contains only a small amount of information, as the basic mechanisms of the protocol are classified. We have tried to explain how the protocol works so that you can understand how much of your assets are safe and managed by you.

Your assets are safe with XBANKING!


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