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Staking Mantle (MNT) at 24%. Passive income from MNT tokens

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How much money can I earn staking Mantle (MNT)?

If you have Mantle (MNT), you are likely looking for ways to grow your crypto and may have heard of MNT staking.

You can earn up to 24% APR on Mantle (MNT) staking.

Mantle (MNT) staking results in you having more Mantle than you started with. You will also benefit from any increase in its price during that period.

XBANKING offers the highest yields from staking your MNT.

What is Mantle (MNT) staking?

Mantle (MNT) staking is a process where cryptocurrency holders can earn rewards by holding their coins in a wallet and participating in the network’s consensus algorithm. By staking their coins, users help secure the network and are rewarded with additional cryptocurrency for doing so.

Staking MNT. Step — by — step guide.

There are two ways of staking Mantle (MNT):

1. On the XBANKING platform website.

2. By placing MNT coins through the telegram bot XBANKING.

Let’s take a look at the first staking option on the XBANKING website.


Go to and press “Launch app”.


Find Mantle (MNT) staking pool.

STEP 3. Staking process

1) Select network: Mantle Network

2) Select (connect) wallet: MetaMaskTrust Wallet or WalletConnect wallets.

3) Enter Token Amount: 0–9000000 MNT.

4) Placement period: 30–365 day. The longer the placement period, the greater the reward.

5) Confirm staking !

🎉 DONE! 🎉

What are the risks associated with staking Mantle (MNT) ?

If you use the services of the XBANKING platform, it is as safe as possible. Your MNT are locked into the network and no one but you has access to them, and smart smart contracts automate this procedure.

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