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Staking Altlayer (ALT). How to Stake Altlayer (ALT) and Earn Rewards?

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Staking Altlayer

What is AltLayer (ALT)?

AltLayer is a platform designed for application developers to launch executable layers for both extensibility and consolidation. AltLayer can be viewed as a composite layer with many new enhancements that make it disposable for developers and therefore highly resource optimized.

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AltLayer is designed for a multi-threaded and multi-VM world and will therefore have default support for EVM as well as WASM. AltLayer will not be tied to a single L1 or L2 but can act as a modular and connectable scaling solution for all EVM and WASM compatible chains.

Altlayer technical specifications


AltLayer project is led by Dr. Yaoqi Jia, former Parity Asia director and co-founder/CTO of Zilliqa. The development team is comprised of industry experts and award-winning researchers, having worked at Parity, Zilliqa and Synthetix.


The project has raised $7.2 million in seed round. Led by Polygon Capital, Breyer Capital and Jump Crypto.

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How much can you earn from staking Altlayer tokens (ALT) ?

If you place Altlayer tokens (ALT) into staking on the XBANKING platform, you can earn up to 18% APR.

Note that the minimal amount for staking is 1 ALT token.

Staking Altlayer (ALT). Step-by-step guide

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Launch App”.

3. Find Altlayer Stacking Pool (ALT). 1) Select network, 2) Connect wallet, 3) Enter amount, 4) Confirm staking.

4. Done! You can track your earnings from Altlayer (ALT) token staking in the Dashboard section.


Stake ALT:




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