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Staking Starknet STRK. How to Stake Starknet (STRK) and Earn Rewards?

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Staking Starknet

What is Starknet (STRK)?

StarkNet is a permissionless decentralized Validity-Rollup (also known as a “ZK-Rollup”). It operates as an L2 network over Ethereum, enabling any dApp to achieve unlimited scale for its computation — without compromising Ethereum’s composability and security, thanks to StarkNet’s reliance on the safest and most scalable cryptographic proof system — STARK.

StarkNet Contracts and the StarkNet OS are written in Cairo — supporting the deployment and scaling of any use case, whatever the business logic.

How much can I earn from staking Starknet (STRK) tokens?

If you place Starknet (STRK) tokens into staking on the XBANKING platform, you can earn up to 20% APR.

Note that the minimal amount for staking is 1 STRK token.

Staking Starknet (STRK). Step-by-step guide

Visit and click “Launch App”.

Find Starknet (STRK) staking pool:

1) Select network

2) Connect wallet

3) Enter amount

4) Confirm staking.


You can track your earnings from Jupiter (JUP) token staking in the Dashboard section.


Staking JUP:




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