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Staking Celestia (TIA). Earn 16% passive income.

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How much can I earn from Celestia Staking (TIA)?. TIA Staking Rewards.

TIA staking APR (Annualized Percentage Rate) currently stands at 16%. It’s important to note that the rate could change in the future and vary for each validator.

You can get a maximum return of 16% APR if you use staking services from the largest staking provider XBANKING.

What is Celestia (TIA)?

Celestia is a data availability network designed to seamlessly accommodate the increasing number of users, facilitating easy blockchain deployment. It introduces a groundbreaking approach to tackle the fundamental scalability issues faced by blockchains, known as the modular blockchain architecture.

Why Stake Celestia (TIA)?

With the recent launch of Celestia’s mainnet, TIA tokens can yield a high APR. It’s an ideal moment to reap rewards while enhancing network security. Staking significantly enhances the security and stability of the Celestia blockchain. It goes beyond mere reward earnings, fostering dynamic engagement with the blockchain, fortifying its security, and propelling its ongoing growth and success.

Step-by-step Celestia (TIA) staking guide.

  1. Go to and click Launch App.

2. Find Celestia (TIA) staking pool and stake TIA.

Connect Keplr wallet.

Enter token amount.

Click Confirm Staking.

What are the risks of staking TIA?

Staking TIA involves certain risks, including potential slashing penalties if validators misbehave. Additionally, these risks also include potential fluctuations in the value of TIA tokens, the possibility of network attacks, and changes in network parameters that may affect your staking rewards.

Staking TIA:




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