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Staking Render (RNDR). How to stake Render $RNDR? The Ultimate Guide to Render (RNDR) Staking.

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What is Render (RNDR)?

Render Network is the leading provider of decentralized GPU based rendering solutions, revolutionizing the digital creation process. Render Network is designed to connect users looking to perform render jobs with people who have idle GPUs to process the renders.

Owners would connect their GPUs to the Render Network in order to receive and complete rendering jobs using OctaneRender.

Users would send RNDR to the individual performing the render work and OTOY would receive a small percentage of RNDR for facilitating the transaction and running the Render Network.

Once they’ve registered their idle GPUs on the Render Network, these GPU owners become “Node Operators” and are able to earn RNDR Tokens.

They do this by accepting jobs from users in need of rendering work, known as “Creators”, who send their files to the Render Network, where they are assigned to Operators.

Render receives a small percentage of the RNDR paid out in order to maintain the network and facilitate the transaction.

What is Render Token (RNDR)?

Render Token (RNDR) is the native token of the Render Network.

The Render Network team released RNDR in October 2017 and has since this time integrated the token into the growth and development plans for the Render Network.

According to the project, the total supply of RNDR tokens sits at 536,870,912. 25% of the total supply has been used in fundraisers and 10% allocated to the project’s reserves. The use cases for RNDR include;

Governance: As the governance token of the project, the Render token is the political structure of the project and represents individual influence and community strength.

RNDR holders make up the Render DAO and are eligible to submit development proposals (Render Network Proposal (RNP)) and also vote on proposals.

Each RNDR holder has a decision weight proportional to the number of tokens held.

According to the project, each proposal goes through a prior review process before being set up for voting on the governance portal, which is open to any RNDR holder.

What is staking Render Token (RNDR)?

Render Token(RNDR) Staking is a process where cryptocurrency holders can earn rewards by holding their coins in a wallet and participating in the network’s consensus algorithm.

By staking their RNDR coins, users help protect the network and receive additional cryptocurrency rewards in the form of RNDR tokens.

How to Earn 14% APR on Render Token (RNDR)? How much money can I earn staking RNDR token?

You can place RNDR tokens into staking on the platform of the largest steaking provider XBANKING.

How to Stake Render (RNDR) token?

Step 1: Go to XBANKING platform and click Start Staking.

Step 2:

  1. Find Render (RNDR) staking pool.
  2. Choose network — Ethereum, Polygon or Solana.
  3. Connect wallet.
  4. Enter token amount.
  5. Click Confirm staking. Sign and submit the transaction. Done!

You will be able to track the Render (RNDR) tokens placed into the staking in the Dashboard.


Staking Render (RNDR) can be a rewarding way to earn passive income while contributing to the security and decentralization of the blockchain network. By following the steps outlined in this guide and utilizing platforms like XBANKING, you can start your journey into the world of Render (RNDR) staking with confidence. Happy staking!


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